Mobile Surveillance

Our Mobile Security Trailers are the fastest, easiest way to get video surveillance on your site where it is difficult to configure other security systems due to lack of power, internet connection or physical location. They can be deployed and working within minutes for temporary to semi-permanent solutions.

A fully remote surveillance system will reduce liability, prevent theft and vandalism and provide you with 24/7 live video footage in the palm of your hand.

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ESI Mobile Security Trailers are perfect for construction sites, law enforcement, oil and gas, crowd control, emergency management, agricultural sites and parking lot/perimeter surveillance.

Each unit is rugged and robust, able to resist harsh weather, equipped with a self-sufficient 1200 or 900-watt solar panel system, a 360-degree view with HD cameras and superior patented ProActive Video Monitoring technology from Netwatch. This technology gives you the advantage of viewing a live stream of your site vs. motion-activated camera systems typically on the market.


Uses For Mobile Security Trailers

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How it works:

Our Mobile Security Trailers keep a protective eye on your property at all times. You can view from your app day or night, on or offsite. When an unauthorized person enters the site, our security team sends out an audio warning to the intruder and alerts the site manager. If this doesn't deter the intruder, we contact the authorities. Check out how we successfully prevented criminal activity in the video below:

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