The Quickest Way To Protect Your Business During COVID-19? Mobile Surveillance.

We all know we need to "flatten the curve." But how do you keep large areas safe and secure while following mandated distancing?

Remote video monitoring is a huge asset in times like these. With the flexibility to check in day or night, you can protect a large area without compromising security.

What happens if you need to keep an eye on an area without lots of power? An easy solution is something mobile. Beyond a mobile surveillance system, you should look for something reliable, robust and long lasting.

Qualities to look for:

  • Does my security system allow remote viewing at all times?
  • Will it be resistant to harsh weather?
  • Is there a first line of defense if I won't be on site?
  • Will my video surveillance give me a 360° view?
  • How long will it last unassisted by external power sources?

One thing to keep in mind is the ability to have remote access at all times. Some wireless security solutions respond by motion detection, turning on the cameras once a subject has entered the camera's viewing range.

Smart technology such as ProActive Video Monitoring (PVM) go above and beyond motion detection by using intelligent software to detect unauthorized movement and adapting to your site's interactions over time. This is conducted in five simple steps:

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ProActive Video Monitoring is going to be your best asset when securing any commercial or large land properties. At ESI, we exclusively use PVM technology on our Mobile Security Trailers. We've stopped crimes in progress by using our 24/7 response protocol.

The last thing you want to do is leave a construction site, commercial or large property unattended and unsecured in the wake of this pandemic. And if you're getting a wireless surveillance system, you should cut losses by getting the best.


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