The Simple Solution to Business Burglary

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According to this article by The Guardian, former burglars noted the number one deterrent for breaking into a building or home are CCTV cameras.

Burglary is more about opportunity--so barking dogs, hard to open doors, tough fences and motion-activated security lights are all obstacles that former thieves say make them think twice.

With more than 400,000 business burglaries reported by the FBI in 2017, protection is more important than ever. Burglaries and theft can account for major delays on projects and financial loss.

As a result, a simple lock is no longer good enough. Businesses without alarms are 4.5x more likely to get burglarized. Unlike household break-ins that usually occur during the day, most commercial break-ins happen when the business is closed: nights, weekends and holidays.

So how can you combat theft most efficiently? First and foremost, install a CCTV camera. Secondly, make sure you have an alarm system installed. If you can at least have these two prevention methods, you're off to a good start.

So what happens if you have a business that doesn't have readily available electrical outlets? For instance, oil and gas pipelines, construction sites, outside events or temporary job locations?

A portable surveillance system might be your best bet. These units are becoming more popular for industrial sites as they can be easily moved, motion-detection camera access, and alarms that can warn intruders that they're not welcome and authorities will be notified unless they leave immediately.

One advantage our mobile security trailers at ESI have is that unlike other trailers, we partnered with Netwatch to go beyond motion-detection camera access. Instead, we have what's called Proactive Video Monitoring technology. It allows you to have 24/7 camera access via an app on your phone, instead of only reacting to motion-detection. You're able to view footage at any time. This helps prevent crimes before they occur.

We're always happy to share more information about how mobile security trailers can increase your job site safety, and we always provide free consultations with no obligation. Contact us here to learn more or by phone at 281-385-5300.