Three Uses For Mobile Security Trailers

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Walk into any building today, and you might see surveillance cameras in the corner. That’s easy–there’s a static building with power lines and a corner that captures enough surveillance to prevent crime.

But what about places that aren’t so easy to monitor? That’s where a Mobile Security Trailer comes in handy.

Preventing Theft
Did you know that the National Equipment Register¬†(NER) reports that construction site theft is a low-risk, high-opportunity activity for thieves? This is because without a national registry for construction equipment plus the difficulty of monitoring an entire job site, it’s easy for criminals to steal equipment and get away with it. This causes more expenses and can delay a job site from meeting deadlines. With an estimated $300 million up to $1 billion in losses per year, it makes sense to get ahead of the problem before it happens.

And construction sites aren’t the only ones affected: theft happens easily at live events, oil & gas pipelines and industrial sites.

Job Site Efficiency
Beyond preventing theft, how about monitoring your site for efficiency? With cameras that can be extended high above your units, it will be easier to detect malfunctions, issues that can cause downtime and monitor equipment performance.

Crowd Management
Whether it’s a festival, an emergency situation, or a sports event, crowds can potentially lead to chaotic situations if not managed correctly. With a 360-degree camera view, not only will a Mobile Security Trailer deter criminal activity, but they can help law enforcement and event organizers to keep an eye on and protect attendees.

With these advantages, our Mobile Security Trailer might be exactly what you need to secure your job site and have peace of mind. Contact Us if you want to know more about them and we’ll be happy to do a Free Consultation.